About Ray Schneider C o n s u l t i n g
Ray Schneider is a recognized expert in process, quality and operations improvement consulting, with deep experience across a broad range of manufacturing and service industries. He has designed and implemented solutions to client problems at over 50 companies and over 200 locations coast-to-coast, in Puerto Rico, Canada and Europe.

His consulting approach to culture change and operational improvement is effective and efficient whether you need support in developing an improvement strategy from scratch, implementing an existing strategy that is yet to take wings, or a blend of both.  He is an expert facilitator who can help channel and focus the energy of your staff towards identifying and implementing the critical changes needed by your organization.  And he is a  hands-on project consultant with the organizational and technical skills required to design new processes, re-design existing ones, and align the entire organization.    

Ray has coached hundreds of teams and team leaders to significantly improved competency and has created employee empowering leadership paradigms in dozens of organizations.  And leveraging his engineering skills he has led many projects designed to solve challenging problems in complex manufacturing processes.

With both Chemical Engineering and Business Managment degrees, Ray has been a frequent conference and workshop speaker, and has published industry-wide articles on organizational transformation and process improvement.  

Ray Schneider Consulting associates are experts in their respective fields with extensive client experience in:  business strategy, leadership development, continuous process improvement, culture change, business process design, statistical analysis, experimental design, multi-variate analysis and statistical predictive modeling, team effectiveness, and performance metrics.

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Contact Ray at rayschneider@comcast.net or call 610-291-4278