Representative Clients, Industries and Testimonials
Since 1988, Ray has been serving a diverse set of clients and industries in the commercial, government and non-profit sectors.

Ray's client engagements have
taken him from coast-to-coast, to
Puerto Rico, to Canada and Europe. 
  • manufacturing
  • distribution
  • pharmaceuticals
  • medical devices
  • medical supplies distribution
  • hospitals
  • education
  • ​e-commerce
  • retail food
  • ophthamics
  • photovoltaics
  • chemicals
  • financial
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • non-profit service
  • more
process - quality - performance

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Ray is a consummate professional in fields supporting efficiency and manufacturing enhancement.  He has impressive depth of knowledge and understanding in pharmaceutical, biological and health care sectors.   

                                                                           Jack Carroll, Managing Partner, Cadrai Technology Group
Ray did many projects at Wyeth Pharmaceutical (now Pfizer) in the area of quality and process control.  His data driven methodology combined with his technical expertise helped us identify critical quality parameters in old processes we thought we understood fully.  His work allowed us to prepare high quality submissions, get rapid regulatory agencies approval and implement technical transfers in a timely manner.  Ray is very professional and has excellent analytical skills.

                                                                         Robert Vincent, Managing Director, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Ray, along with his colleague Bob Hill, led an extremely complex process of identifying the various process intervals experienced by patients who used the Emergency Care Unit at the Reading Hospital and Medical Center (at the time one of the 3 busiest emergency departments in Pennsylvania) and ways to improve those processes.  Despite lack of electronic or other readily available data, improvements were made which reduced the variances in throughput time, the average TPT, improved our patients' experiences and assured more consistent clinical outcomes for our patients.  Ray's unique ability to challenge, yet support the Reading Hospital employees during this arduous process contributed greatly to the outcome of this initiative.  I would highly recommend him for related process improvement opportunities.

                                                                                     Scott Wolfe, President, St. Lukes Warren Hospital
Ray's highly developed skills in project design, organizational development and planning have served Triskeles' needs very well over the years.  As a consultant and Board President Ray brings effective actionable insight and advice to those he works with.

                                                                                     Clemens Pietzner, President, Triskeles Foundation
I worked with Ray on several projects over the years.  He is a master at facilitation of a project or can roll up his shirt sleeves and dig into the details working at all levels of the organization as required.  Ray has a great approach for incorporating data driven metrics and business processes and delivering results time after time.  He is a joy to work with and I always learn something new while working with him!  I would recommend Ray for any type of business process, organizational alignment or data analysis project within your organization.

                                                                                                      Robert Andreini, President, InfoPlanIT
Ray did an excellent job of helping our team define and focus on our goals. He is a pleasure to work with and can help any organziation become more effective, efficient, and motivated.

                                                         Leslie Shupenko, Manager, Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center
Ray engaged in a project with our company to establish the feasibility of significantly increasing production levels while minimizing the need for additional overhead. Ray's expertise in manufacturing was evident as he worked with management and production teams to improve work processes and operations.  We appreciated his dedication to providing us with clear and workable solutions in a friendly and professional manner.

                                                                                        Rich Lisowski, CEO,  Stored Energy Concepts Inc.
Ray gave our strategic planning committee the expertise and guidance we needed to create a plan that speaks to the needs of our school.  Whether the concerns were collecting data, working with it, understanding next steps, keeping us on schedule or working with our group dynamics, his clarity and good nature helped to ensure our success in creating the plan.  It was a pleasure to work with him.

                           Stephanie McDowell, Strategic Planning Committee Chair, Waldorf School of Philadelphia